“Working with Peter is like a shortcut to great style." - J.D., Boston, MA 

What if you could look and feel amazing, WITHOUT having to read the latest fashion magazine, spend hours in cramped dressing rooms, or own a ton of clothes?

Hi, I’m Peter Nguyen 

I’ve spent the last 15 years in New York City helping men with their style. 

First as a high-end menswear designer.(You might have seen my designs on men like Ryan Gosling, Kevin Hart, and Kanye West.) 

And now I work as a Private Personal Stylist in NYC.  

My clients are all successful in their own right.  

From first time entrepreneurs, to young professionals working their way up to corporate ladder, to seasoned CEOs.  

And despite their different backgrounds, ages, and industries, they've all shared one thought in common:  

“I feel like my style right now doesn’t reflect who I am.”

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and not like what you see.  

In fact, I went through the same feelings right before my wedding.  

Leaving a decade long career designing high-menswear to start my own styling business was a huge stressful decision. I’m sure you know what it takes to build a successful career.  

My hard work helped me land some amazing clients at companies like Google and The New York Times.  

It's got me featured in places like Esquire Magazine and The Huffington Post.

Yet those long nights with food delivery took a toll on me: I gained 40lbs.  

After seeing a photo of myself giving a talk on style, I realized one thing: I didn’t want to start this new phase in my life like this.  

So I hired an expert world-class trainer to guide me on training and nutrition. The result? I’ve never looked this good in my entire life.



Maybe you feel like I did...  

Successful, talented, driven on the inside.  

Yet when you look in the mirror, that person staring back at you feels like a stranger. Someone that looks unmotivated, unsuccessful, forgettable. Someone that’s the complete opposite of who you really are.  

But it doesn’t have to stay this way…  

Here's the truth about looking good

At The Essential Man, I specialize in one thing: Helping men look and feel amazing through their style.  

And after spending almost 2 decades in men’s fashion, I’ve learned a few things: 

“Looking good" is a skill 

Nobody is born with great style. There's no such thing as a "natural".

Dressing well and looking great is a skill, just like cooking or playing the guitar.  

And like all skills, it can be improved!  

You know what else I learned? 

Your body type doesn't matter as much as you think  

I’ve worked with men of all heights and body types.  

Whether you're short and stocky, or a 6 foot 8-inch superstar athlete, great style has less to do with your genetics, and more to do with picking the right clothes that flatters your frame.

Here's another truth that makes some uncomfortable... 

We judge people by the way they look

Even people that say "looks shouldn't matter, people should like me for who I am!" want to date someone attractive!  

Ask yourself: Why do you get dressed a certain way for work?  

Because you know if you came into the office for a pitch in sweatpants and a beat-up college t-shirt, you'd probably get fired.  


How we look symbolize our choices in life. In a snapshot, it tells people who we are and what’s going on in our heads.  

When you dress with authority, people at work will treat you like a boss.  

When you look sharp on a date, it signals to the person sitting across from you that this is a man who has his life together. (And that’s really really attractive!)  

The great thing is, you can control how people perceive you by improving your style choices.  

And today, I want to help you make those choices... 


The Essential Man Private Styling

The exclusive 1-on-1 Personal Styling Service for Successful, Professional Men

This Private Styling Service helps professional men build the perfect wardrobe to make them look good and feel confident. 

Even if you're busy, have a "weird body type", or don't know the first thing about clothes, you can improve how you look.  

While every client’s needs are unique, my approach to style is systematic.  

I've dedicated the past 4 years to helping my private clients see and experience a new way of living life - in absolute style.  

Let me show you what I mean... 

For first time clients in New York City

I'll be your guide through your 3-phase style transformation 

Phase 1: Style Deep Dive Analysis We’ll start with a personal style deep-dive to make sure we craft a style and wardrobe that makes sense for your job and lifestyle.  

Phase 2: Your Unique Personal Style From there you can consider me your style concierge.  

I’ll travel with you to a handful of stores based on your analysis. You’ll be introduced to the best brands for your unique style and body type. Your new wardrobe will be waiting for you in reserved, private dressing rooms for you to try on.  

Phase 3: Effortless Style Graduation Package At the end of our time together, you’ll be left with a wardrobe you love. One that’s not only easy to mix and match, but versatile enough to take you from an end of the day meeting to date night, without skipping a beat. 

All private clients receive a custom, professional “Lookbook”, a collection of outfit ideas using exact items from your wardrobe so you’ll never be left wondering what to wear to your next big meeting or important date.  

Finally, we’ll celebrate your transformation over a meal at one of New York’s Michelin star restaurants, followed by a special graduation package crafted especially for you.  

For returning clients, please contact me to hear about the exclusive private styling experiences not available to the public 

Styling experience highlights

• Hairstyle and grooming consultation from my personal barber whose clientele also includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Drake, and Anderson Cooper. 

• Bespoke shopping experience I'll guide you through a tour of the best men's shops New York has to offer, established and hidden. From private suit fittings, shopping for classic hats at NYC world's oldest hat shop, to creating your own 1 of a kind cologne that will be your signature scent for life.

Complimentary accommodations Including transportation to and from shops and your residence, drinks, snacks, and a Michelin star meal lunch to make your shopping experience stress free and unforgettable.


What clients are saying

“It’s so easy to get Peter’s expert opinion on what looks good on me than it is to spend time searching myself, especially if I’m in a pinch for time. That’s one thing I love about being a client!” 

- David L., Indianapolis, IN

“If you’re ready to [look better], this is probably THE way to do it. If you want to level up, this is probably THE FASTEST way to do it...and enjoyable actually. Workingwith Peter has been super fun.” 

- Bill W., Halifax, Nova Scotia

"After vaguely describing the style I was interested in developing for myself, Peter refined that into a real vision. He helped me find the right clothes and make better style decisions that matched what I had in my head. I'm so much happier with my look now, thanks to Peter."

- Jeremy K, Brooklyn, NY 

“Working with you completely upped my style. I felt that I dressed well before but I get so many compliments and people look at me a lot different based off of what I wear now. I feel like I dress my age now and am able to put my own twists to it.”

- Lekan N., NYC, NY

“Before I felt slightly embarrassed to walk around. Now I don’t think about my clothes that much at all. I feel much more confident going out and less stressed. My good friends have told me I seem to always have the perfect outfit for every occasion.”

- Tam P., Toronto, Canada

Questions & Answers

Q: “Do I have to live in New York City to work with you?” A: No. If you live outside of New York City, you have two options:

1. You fly to New York City I have an exclusive package for clients that would like to visit New York City for a styling experience. You can learn more during our consultation call. 

2. I fly to you I currently travel to the cities listed below to work with clients. Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, Phillidelphia, Washington D.C., Montreal, and Toronto.

Q: “How much do I need to spend on clothes?” A: Every clients wardrobe needs are different. After 15-years shopping for a living, I've refined the ability to build amazing wardrobes with a variety of budgets.

One thing I remind my clients is to consider the cost they've paid over the years picking the wrong clothes. 

How much have you spent on clothes that don’t look good on you? How much have you wasted on clothes that stay hanging in your closet because you’re not sure what to wear with it?

What about the opportunities you lost because you decided not to go to that event or date because you had “nothing nice to wear”? 

All my clients leave with an understanding that building the right wardrobe that you love wearing, one that makes you look and feel amazing, is a worthwhile investment.

Q: “I'm currently in the process of getting in better shape, should I wait until I hit my goal weight?” A: Like your fitness journey, the best time to improve your style was yesterday. 

The second best time to start is now. So I recommend you don't wait.  

As someone who’s lost 75lbs and has worked with clients that have dropped as much as 198lbs, I've seen how motivating improving your personal style can be.  

There's no better feeling than slipping into a size you never thought you could ever fit into, or getting compliments from your friends, family, and strangers! 

I've worked with a handful of clients that have achieved amazing body transformations, and have developed specific strategies to help you celebrate hitting your fitness milestones with your wardrobe.

Q: “I just started my first job/I'm a Dad of 3/I'm retired, will your service work for me?” A: My past clients include a 24-year old tech programmer, a digital nomad who’s traveling the world with his 2 kids, a New York Times reporter, and a first time Dad running his own online business at home.

My service and the wardrobes I build are NOT one-size-fits-all.

They're customized for you based on a variety of factors I take into account; everything from your job, your age, the city you live in, hobbies you have, where you like to vacation, even the music you listen to.

I've never met a client I could not accommodate. 

Q: “Can't I use a subscription box, read some style magazines, or learn watching free videos from a Youtube 'influencer'?” A: Many of my past clients have hired me after being unhappy with the results from subscription boxes (which was described by one client as "leftover" clothes from department stores.)

Style magazines and Youtube influencer’s free advice are often dictated by their ad buyers and sponsors. They also lack a systematic and customized approach to solve your unique challenges.

My service is geared towards busy men who are interested in getting the best results fast, not just free advice.

If this sounds like you, apply for a consultation call and we can discuss if this service makes sense for you. 

I don't just want you to look amazing 

I want you to have an amazing life.  

I believe that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, good things happen to you.  


  • Having an endless supply of clients who want to hire you, because when they see you they instantly think "success".
  • Never thinking “I don’t know what to wear” to an important event ever again. Instead, effortlessly throwing together a look in seconds
  • Showing up to a first date with a ridiculous amount of confidence because you KNOW you look good (and getting the compliments to prove it)  

I know these are some bold statements.

But these aren’t just any examples I’ve pulled from thin air, they amazing stories that my past styling clients have sent me after our time together.  

“Biggest success has been a look that defines my brand and gives me confidence. I speak at a lot of marketing conferences, and at the first one donning Peter's look there were about five Instagram posts from members of the audience complementing my look. Exactly what I wanted in order to position myself as a premium consultant.”  

- Drew S., NYC, NY

"[Working with Peter] is always fun and informative. His insight have been a game changer for me. I wanted to look good all the time, and now I have all the tools to accomplish that."

- J, NYC, NY

"Having someone to take out the guess work out of creating a personal style was extremely helpful and frees up a ton of mental energy and worry about 'looking the part'. I feel so much more confident. [After working with Peter] I began dating seriously again, got engaged, and am now married! So there's that! My wife's only known post-Peter Zack!" 

- Zack S., Bangkok, Thailand

"Peter helped me get started with building a new wardrobe that would fit my [athletic] body shape. Dressing better allows me to look more professional at the events and meet ups, it also allows me to FEEL better on a day to day basis." 

- Primoz B., Slovenia

Can better style transform your life? 

After working with hundreds of men over the years and seeing how their lives have changed, I say yes.  

During your next pitch, will your clients be leaning in, excited to hear your vision for them, or will they be half listening with their heads glancing at whatever’s distracting them on their phones?  

Will you put off updating your dating profile AGAIN because you hate how you look in all your photos?  

The best thing that can happen after our time together is you entering every situation with more confidence than ever.  

The worst thing that can happen is you end up with a better wardrobe than you had before.  


...If you’ve ever told yourself “I hate shopping.”  

...If you feel like no matter what store you go into, nothing ever fits right  

...if you feel like people don’t take you seriously because of the way you dress, and “business casual” confuses the hell out of you  

...if you feel like you just don’t know what looks good on you  

...if you’re ready to see the power of great style and want to see if this service is right for you, click below to apply for your complimentary style consultation call.