Today’s question comes from Marc:

“Being asian, I’m not sure what colors to wear to fit my skin tone. A chart I found online says I have a warm, autumn skin tone. What colors would work best for me?”

I hear this question a lot, and today I’m happy to share the secret trick to finding the PERFECT colors to wear for your skin tone.


The trick is…to stop worrying about it.

Colors to wear for asian skin tone
Steve Yeun showing you color is all about the vibe, not your skin tone (photos via GQ)

Dressing for your skin tone is one of those bits of style advice that get passed around a lot.

It sounds like it’s a problem you should worry about, like spending money on lattes or worrying about ATM fees. (Face it, if an ATM fee is going have an impact on your checking account, you have much, much more significant money problems than a $3 fee.)


This isn’t to say you won’t come across colors you lean towards because you love how it looks on you. But this is NOT the same as picking a color based on skin tone.

Colors to wear for black skin tone

You and I could have the same skin tone, and I could prefer wearing green, while you might hate green and love how the navy looks on you.

But this whole concept of autumn or cool skin tones, or using some kind of color wheel pie chart to choose the right colors, is bullshit.

It over complicates things and frankly doesn’t make any sense.

The color you should pick is all about the vibe you want to give off, not the color of your skin tone.

Colors to wear for indian skin tone

As a professional stylist, I’ve never picked colors for my clients this way.

In the previous 11 years I spent designing menswear, we never took into consideration the skin tone of our customer when designing clothes.

It’s not a thing among experts. So anyone that suggest you do, I recommend you take their advice with a huge grain of salt.

Colors to wear for white skin tone

My advice: Start with neutral colors to give yourself a solid wardrobe color palette that makes you look timeless, then experiment with colors to see which one you like.

Then wear more of it.

It’s that simple.'

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