Check out this Reddit post my friend recently shared with me, Why Looks Don’t Matter. This response in particular caught my attention:

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 1.16.33 PM

My recent post where my friend Dani shares what she loves to see a man wear drew thousands of new readers. My most popular post to date.

I want to know, how did it make you feel?

I’m curious because the Reddit thread got me thinking about how I viewed looks and my personal style when I was younger, and the moment my mindset all changed.

I mean, take a look at my High School Senior portrait:

peter in high school
Oh poor, poor 18 year old Peter. Why didn’t anyone tell you to get a haircut and glasses that fit your face?

Compare it to a wedding I went to a while back:

Peter Tuxedo
What a difference reality makes

When I look at that horrifying senior photo, 32 year old Peter wonders “What the hell was I thinking!”

Yet, if I’m being honest with myself, I remember vividly thinking I looked really cool in high school with long hair.

It wasn’t until I was in college, away from home, trying to get a girlfriend, did I realize I should probably make a change.

I’ll share my thoughts on this topic, but I want to hear from you.

Do you agree, or disagree with the guy who left the comment?

Maybe this was you just a few months ago.

Why do you think some guys believe looks don’t matter?

Leave a comment below!'

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  • drngo

    Looks matter.

    Some guys choose not to believe it so they have an excuse not to try. It’s easy to wish the world was a certain way, then to look at it the way it is, and do something about it.

    It does take effort to look better.

    Some of the things I’ve done this year include

    – Getting a personal trainer 3x a week
    – Learning about fashion, and tailoring a lot of my closet.
    – Doing a lot of yoga to improve my posture

    Ironically, none of it’s for women. I’ve been in a relationship for the past 4 years.

    I do it because it makes me feel better about myself. It’s fun – It makes me more confident. And that confidence bleeds into all aspects my life.

    ALL people judge you by the way you look. Look up the “halo effect” if you guys haven’t heard of it.

    Guys can make excuses all they want, but looks can be improved.

    • Peter Nguyen

      Awesome point about wishing that the world was a certain way, the “fair” way, than to accept reality and work on things you have control over.

      • HN

        And it’s not even that hard, either. Just at least make sure your clothes fit. It’s can be that simple.

        • Totally agree. I tell all my clients, getting clothes that fit will solve 90% of your style problems