Most skincare routines online are either geared towards women with make-up in mind, or are way too complicated. I don't know about you, but I'm not going to do something that requires 7 products, 14 steps, and an hour every night.

Luckily, NYC based skincare boutique Heyday helped me design an stupid simple 3-step skincare routine for men that's more than enough.

Every day I get an email, text, DM from clients and readers just like you asking me for recommendations on everything from suits for work, to workout shoes, to even pens and condoms.

After 3 years of this site, dozens of private clients around the world, with feedback from thousands of daily readers, I decided to compile a list of 100 of the best (and most stylish!) things right now!

Today’s question comes from Chad:

I wanted to share something that has been bothering me recently. I find that one of my biggest issues with dressing stylishly is that I don’t have the balls to try strong prints or colors. I find bold looks interesting but can’t find the courage to be bold myself. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks! READ MORE