"I just want to know what to buy to look good"

Finally, a no B.S. guide that shows you how to build a timeless wardrobe that makes looking good effortless.

(Just one tiny fraction of my magazine collection on my bookshelf)


Don't get me wrong, I love style mags.

In fact, I have hundreds. 

I love bringing them to the coffeeshop and flipping through them as I sip my morning cup.

But the truth is, I could count on one hand the number of times I actually went and bought something featured.

It's what I call "style porn".  

It's like watching all those cooking shows on the Food Network. It's fun to look at, but there's a good chance you're not going to make anything.

And it's not even because they were "bad" recommendations. It's just hard to tell a few things:

  • Are they recommending a product because it's good, or because the brand happened to buy a full page ad that issue?
  • Does the person writing about the product know what they're talking about? Or did the writer hand the piece off to some intern? (You'd be surprise how often this happens)
  • Is this thing even available? Articles in magazines are written sometimes months in advanced. There's no bigger waste of time than walking into a store only to be told it's not actually in-stock.

The Biggest Problem with Magazines (And a lot of Blogs)

They LOVE recommending super expensive, super nice things because it makes them look cool, not because they expect any of their readers to buy it.

Hi, I'm Peter Nguyen. I spent 11 years as a high end menswear designer here in New York City. For the past 3 years, I've been working as a Private Personal Stylist for men all over the world.  


I hear this all time from private clients and readers of my site, The Essential Man. 

It took me a while to really understand what they were saying. 

It wasn't until I started working with my first few clients. 

I saw them completely change how they viewed shopping after we started working together. 

That's when it really clicked: "I hate shopping" was code for "I just don't know what the hell I'm doing."

Think about how frustrating something is when you're first starting out. Whether that's a skill like playing guitar, cooking, or even playing a new video game. 

Things suck when you don't know what you're doing.

And all the men's style magazines and blogs out there don't do a great job helping you. 

Don't just take it from me...

(actual email from a client)

 I knew if I wanted to help guys look good, my guides needed to be different.

They needed to be filled with items guys could buy right now Clothes that were actually in stores today. Not only that, I wanted to give them direct links to buy them exactly as shown in the guide to make the process as fast and painless as possible.  

My recommendations needed to be unbiased Trust is everything in my business. My clients trust me to make them look good. They trust me to show them how they should spend their money. It's one of the reasons I don't do sponsored posts or advertisements. 

They needed to be shown pieces I recommend worn on guys Styled a ton of different ways so they can see real examples of how they can wear it  


What if there was a better guide?

One that cut through the noise and told you exactly what you needed to get to look good?

A guide that: 

  • Helped you avoid wasting so much money on clothes you realize you don't look good in and end up never wearing?
  • Broke quality down in simple terms so you know details to look out for?
  • Gave you a gameplan to make shopping not only fast and painless, but actually fun?


A no B.S. guide that tells you exactly what every man’s closet needs to look good

No more wasting money on clothes you never wear. 

Today, I've put together my most massive guide yet, to help you understand the components of the perfect, timeless, wardrobe. 

I call these components “Essentials”. 

You might know them as staples. Or classics.

They’re pieces EVERY man’s wardrobe should have, regardless of personal style.

 In this 100+ page guide, you'll learn:

  • Complete list of Essentials every man should own From the perfect versatile jacket, to the must have button-up shirts, to the only boot you'll ever need. I've filtered through the noise and tell you exactly what you need for the perfect, timeless wardrobe.
  • Key Detail Cheatsheets for each Essential. Learn how to spot important details and signs of quality so you'll never wonder if you're getting ripped off
  • Outfit ideas perfect for work, weekend coffee runs, even date night
  • Multiple recommendations for every item to fit any budget or style goal, from college kids to balling business owners
  • Direct links to buy pieces today Click what you like and buy it. Fast, simple, easy
  • And so much more...

Just What Exactly is an "Essential"?

Essentials are styles of clothing for men that are timeless. 

They rarely affected by trends or eras. In short, they’re staples that have proven themselves, and thus, are styles every man who wants to look good should have in his closet. 

Think of it like making a pizza. 

You want the perfect base (your crust, sauce, cheese). 

After that, you can build on top of it and add your own flair. But the most important part is your base ingredients.

It's how someone like Paul Newman (left) can outstyle dudes today and still look relevant, even though this photo is nearly 50 years old!

Become an INSTANT style expert using the style cheatsheets

Put together looks for any occasion in seconds

and never* see a "sold out" message ever again!

You'll get lifetime updates on the guides and shopping lists. 

That means you can always comeback to the guide and never worry about deadlinks or sold out items.

*Alright, I can't be monitoring each link 24/7. But rest assured you'll always get a fresh shopping list with working recommendations every season.


Use "The Essential Wardrobe Shopping Guide" for 60 days, risk free.

I'm confident you're going to love this guide and pick up some amazing clothes and gear. If you don't absolutely love something I recommend in this guide, I want you to have 100% of your money back. 

I have one rule when it comes to what I write about on The Essential Man:

If I don't personally own it, have used it, or would buy it myself, I don't recommend it. 

That last thing I want you to do is spend your hard earned money on something that sucks. That's why I work extremely hard to find the absolute best stuff out there to help YOU look YOUR absolute best.

No one else would ever come close to offering a guarantee like this. That's how much I back what I recommend.

And that’s why I’m offering you a 60 day guarantee. I want you to use this guide, buy some of the recommendations, try it out. And if you aren’t happy with what you get, just let me know, and I’ll give you your money back.


How much clothes do you have that you never wear?

Clothes you’ve wasted hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on in the last year that just sit in your closet.  

How many times have you've pulled something out of your closet that you forgot you even bought?

How much money are you going to lose this year buying clothes that don’t even look good on you and you won’t wear?

Bad/unused/forgotten clothes from a clients closet edit. (Estimated waste: $5,000)

For the cost of one good shirt at J.Crew, you can feel confident you'll never waste another cent again on buying things end up going into donation bags. 

How much money will you save the next time you shop? 

How much money will you save in the next year? 

3 years?

Tonight you can start looking the best you've ever looked and save a ton of money on brands you never thought you'd have access to.

Or you can continue doing what you've always done, flipping through magazines and scrolling blogs wishing you could pull something off (or even afford it)

What will you choose?