I Paid $14 for 4 Donuts

By: Peter Nguyen
Last Updated: May 24, 2016

After a couple of grueling weeks working non-stop, my girlfriend and I took the day off the other weekend to walk The High Line and grab brunch.

We decided on Colicchio & Sons. It’s run by Tom Colicchio, who you might know as the host of the cooking competition show Top Chef. He’s won a ton of awards, and is considered one of the best Chefs in America.

Our favorite thing we ate? The Sugar & Spice donuts. Hands down.

Soft. Fluffy. Still warm from just being made.  

With each bite, you got a burst from the flecks of salt in the middle layers, giving you the perfect contrast to the classic cinnamon sugar coating.

To sum it up, they were fucking amazing.

The price? $14 for 4. (They also gave you 4 small donut holes they punched out.)

Now, I know what you’re probably wondering: are they worth $14?

It depends on how you define value.

Just recently, my girlfriend and I were telling someone how we were saving money to move into a new apartment next year.

If you know anything about New York City real estate, a good apartment in New York is a huge financial investment. 

But my girlfriend and I have both made strides in our careers and decided it was time to upgrade. We’ve been looking at newer buildings with great amenities: door man, elevator, gym, and a washer and dryer. (Before you laugh at the last one, ask any New Yorker about how big of a deal it is to have your own washer and dryer!)

No surprise, we got criticized for it.

What are we supposed to do? Be in our mid-30s, living on the edges of New York with 5 other roommates?

It’s funny. People secretly want “the best” things in life. But they’ll look at you weird and judge you if you admit and decide to work for it.

I used to feel embarrassed talking about things I was interested in, because I was afraid people would call them stupid and tell me it was a waste of money. A part of me would start to believe they were right.

Psychologists have a name for this: Impostor syndrome.

It’s when you can’t internalize your accomplishments and start telling yourself things like “I don’t deserve this.” Or “I didn’t earn this.”

Things changed once I decided I wanted to be the best version of myself. 

That meant living the best version of my life. One that I dreamed about. Except this time around I would actually make it happen.

The biggest step was to be unapologetic about my desire for the best – in my work, my fitness, my style, everything.

I wasn’t an impostor because experiencing the best things in life was a direct result of my hard work.

It was time for me to enjoy celebrating successes.


So were the donuts worth $14?

People often say spend your money on experiences.

What’s the price of experiencing the best of something, created by a true master of his or her craft, on a beautiful day, with the ones you love?

I’ve had donuts hundreds of times in my life. A box of a dozen donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts is less than $10, and will no doubt satisfy any hunger I might have.

But ask yourself, why are you reading about these donuts?

I’d love to hear from you:

When was the last time you experienced THE BEST of something that made you completely forget about the price? Whether that’s a dream trip you finally took, or your first custom suit.

I’d love to hear your experiences with celebrating your successes with the best things in the world. 

Share them in the comments below.


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