Hi, I’m Peter Nguyen

I’m a Private Personal Stylist for men here in NYC, and founder of The Essential Man

I help professional men look good and feel confident by improving their style.

My motto here at The Essential Man?

When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, good things happen.

I know, there seems to be a billion style men’s style blogs, Youtubes, and Instagrams out there. 

You’re probably wondering, “Why should I listen to this asian guy with the really cool haircut?”

I’m not a “fashion influencer” 

I have 15 years in the menswear industry under my belt.

After studying Menswear Design at Parsons School of Design, I spent a decade as a menswear designer.

I’ve worked for CFDA/GQ award winning companies (think Oscars for fashion).

I launched my own luxury leather jacket line, and designed clothes that have been seen on guys like Ryan Gosling, Drake, and Kevin Hart.

I started The Essential Man because I was annoyed with all the bad style advice men were getting.

I demystify real style for regular guys

Guys who don’t really care what random celeb is wearing on his way to get an overpriced green juice.

Guys who just want to look good, without spending hours shopping.

Guys who are sick of wasting money on the wrong clothes.

Guys like you.

Look at some of my client’s transformations

Drew S, Serial Entrepreneur, NYC

“Biggest success has been a look that defines my brand and gives me confidence. I speak at a lot of marketing conferences. The first one donning Peter’s look had five Instagram posts from members of the audience complimenting my look. Exactly what I wanted in order to position myself as a premium consultant.

J, Entertainment Industry, NYC

“[Working with Peter] is always fun and informative. His insight have been a game changer for me. I wanted to look good all the time, and now I have all the tools to accomplish that.

Lekan N, Software Engineer, NYC

“Working with you completely upped my style. I felt that I dressed well before, but I get so many compliments now. I feel like I dress my age now and am able to put my own twists to it.

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