Client Results

A stylist without before & after transformations is like a cookbook without pics – can we even trust it? 

Thankfully I got some for you.

Take a look at some of my client’s transformations and what they’ve had to say about working with me.

Lekan N, Software Engineer, NYC

“Working with you completely upped my style. I felt that I dressed well before but I get so many compliments and people look at me a lot different based off of what I wear now. I feel like I dress my age now and am able to put my own twists to it.”

Jeremy K, 33, Product Manager, Brooklyn

"After vaguely describing the style I was interested in developing for myself, Peter refined that into a real vision. He helped me find the right clothes and make better style decisions that matched what I had in my head. I'm so much happier with my look now, thanks to Peter."

Bill W, CEO, Nova Scotia

“If you’re ready to [look better], this is probably THE way to do it. If you want to level up, this is probably THE FASTEST way to do it...and enjoyable actually. Workingwith Peter has been super fun.”

Primoz B, Entrepreneur, Slovenia

"Peter helped me get started with building a new wardrobe that would fit my [athletic] body shape. Dressing better allows me to look more professional at the events and meet ups, it also allows me to FEEL better on a day to day basis."

Zack S, Lawyer, Bangkok, Thailand

"Having someone to take out the guess work out of creating a personal style was extremely helpful and frees up a ton of mental energy and worry about 'looking the part'. I feel so much more confident. [After working with Peter] I began dating seriously again, got engaged, and am now married! So there's that! My wife's only known post-Peter Zack!"

David L, Real Estate, Indianapolis, IN

“It’s so easy to get Peter’s expert opinion on what looks good on me than it is to spend time searching myself, especially if I’m in a pinch for time. That’s one thing I love about being a client!”

Drew S, Serial Entrepreneur, NYC

“Biggest success has been a look that defines my brand and gives me confidence. I speak at a lot of marketing conferences, and at the first one donning Peter's look there were about five Instagram posts from members of the audience complementing my look. Exactly what I wanted in order to position myself as a premium consultant.”

Charles N, Entrepreneur, Atlanta, GA

"[Since working with Peter] I'm becoming more strategic about my shopping rather than looking around and hoping to buy something."

Tam P, Talent Scout, Toronto, Canada

“Before I felt slightly embarrassed to walk around. Now I don’t think about my clothes that much at all. I feel much more confident going out and less stressed. My good friends have told me I seem to always have the perfect outfit for every occasion.”

J, Entertainment Industry, NYC

"[Working with Peter] is always fun and informative. His insight have been a game changer for me. I wanted to look good all the time, and now I have all the tools to accomplish that."

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