Welcome! Congratulations for joining The Casual Style Crash Course!

I’m excited to be working with you to make you look amazing. First, I want to share a short video about me and this program:

(Please note: We’ve compressed the beta course from 4 to 3 weeks since creating this video. The updated schedule is listed after the video)


Over the course of 3-weeks, I’ll be sending you a 2 Modules (Lessons) a week, one on Monday, and another on Thursday.

Each module to teaches you an important concept to take your style to the next level – we’ll be talking about everything from mastering how clothes should fit your body type, how to build an essential, versatile wardrobe, even how to try new things without looking stupid.

Here’s the Schedule for the Beta Course:

Module 0 & 1:
Welcome! & The Style Rules: How Some Guys Can Look Amazing Wearing Just a T-Shirt and Jeans, While Other Guys Look Like Bums
Module 2:
The Perfect Fit: Look 10x Better in 10 Mins (or Less)

Module 3: The Essential Wardrobe Checklist: Stop Wasting Money, Cut Your Shopping Time in 1/2 and Get Exactly What You Need To Look Your Best
Module 4: Effortlessly Look Amazing: The Secrets To Looking Good Without Even Trying

Module 5: The Style Scale: How to Create Amazing Looks and Ensure You’re Never Under (or Over) Dressed
Module 6: (Bonus Lesson) The Swap One Trick: How To Break Away From Boring And Try New Things, Without Looking Stupid

As a beta user, you’ll also get access to an exclusive Private Facebook Group.  You’ll get to interact with other beta members, post questions and share insights. You’ll also get direct access to me as your Personal Stylist Coach. I’ll be there to help answer any questions you might have, from my opinion on a certain brand and even outfit feedback. This group is designed not only to get you looking good faster, your input and feedback on the course will make it 10x better.

I’ve taken a lot of time sift through and refine the material. My goal isn’t to teach you everything I’ve learned in the past decade working in Men’s Fashion, only the best and essential ideas. The course is specifically designed to get you looking the best you’ve ever looked, even if you’ve never opened up a men’s magazine before.


  1. Request to join the Private Facebook Group for Beta Users Here
  2. Introduce yourself to the group!
  3. When you’re done with that, jump right into the first lesson: The Style Rules: How some guys look amazing wearing just a white tee and jeans, while other look like bums



P.S. If there’s any problems during your course, please email me at peter@theessentialman.com

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