Here’s What’s in My Pockets. What’s in Yours?

By: Peter Nguyen
Last Updated: June 3, 2016

It’s been pretty hot here in New York the past few days (we reached 90!). But today I woke up to a perfect, rainy 64 degrees.

Why the hell am I so happy?

Because I got to wear a light jacket and stash everything in my jacket pockets.

You see, I HATE putting things in my pants pockets.

I’d rather carry a bag of some sort than to put things in my pocket. (Shoutout to my girlfriend for letting me stash everything in her purse.)

I hate the bulge.

I hate how things in my pockets feel when I’m sitting down.

I hate what bulky pockets do to my back. My lower left side was in constant pain.

The main culprit? My fat wallet that my brother gifted me one Christmas.


It turns out, there’s truth to that hilariously famous episode of Seinfeld where George is stuffing everything in his wallet. Sitting on a big wallet shifts your hips, pinching your sciatic nerve, contributing to lower back pain.

So today, I’m dumping out my pockets and showing you how you can save your sharp silhouette, carry everything you need, and spare your back.



Manta Ring Keyring and Silent Whisper Card Wallet

The Thin Minimal Card Wallet


The biggest change was switching to a card wallet. Minimal/thin card wallets have been extremely popular thanks to the billion different ones on Kickstarter.

Personally, I find a lot of the options on those Kickstarter wallets to be excessive.

You don’t need RFID blocking, pull tabs, or card sorting features. It defeats the purpose of a minimal card wallet: to force you to only carry the essentials.

A basic leather card wallet with 2-4 slots for your cards are all you need.



This specific model is designed by my friends over at Guerrilla Group under their label Silent Whisper. (Unfortunately it’s no longer available) It’s a beautiful handmade, simple wallet.

It only has two slots, one in the front and one in the side.

While you can carry 3 cards pretty comfortably before it starts bulging out, I limit myself to 1 debit card and 1 credit card. (Along with a small photo of my girlfriend. In case you’re wondering, I’m in the process of getting a new ID.)

Some super minimal wallets only have 1 slot in the front. Having tried one on the past, I’m not a big fan.


Because I need to carry a minimum of 2 cards.

Stuffing two cards in the front slot works for a while. Over time, the leather stretches and the slot loosens up. I always found my cards slipping out of the wallet after a while.

Where do I keep my cash?

To be honest, I don’t find myself in a lot of situations now where I need to carry cash.

When I do, I usually stash it in my front pocket. If I’m carry a significant amount around, I’ll hold it together with a classic silver money clip.

While the specific wallet I have is no longer available, here are some really great options for you if you’re looking to make a switch to a thin card wallet.

The Manta Ring Keyring



This is a very recent addition, and one of my favorites.

I hate keyrings. I know there are a few quick release options like the FreeKey, but it still made putting on things like scan cards for my gym annoying.

Then I discovered steel cable rings after noticing a handyman use one. They simply unscrew and you slide keys and anything else on and off.

It’s simple. Effective. And $4. I love it.

I purchased a “namebrand” one, but you can find multi-packs on Amazon for the same price.

Get the one I bought, The Mantaring, here for $4.

Over to you:

What kind of wallet and keychain do you keep? Do you carry anything else around?

Leave a comment below and let me know. (Even better, share a pic!)

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