Q. Can I gift your services for my Husband/Boyfriend/Partner?

A. Maybe.

There’s a reason you must apply to become a client and cannot simply book and pay for my services: It’s important that my clients truly want help in changing their style for themselves. 

Girlfriends and Wives often come to me with the best intentions in hiring me for their partner, but you have to see it from their point of view. Imagine your Husband gifting you a “surprise Personal Trainer and Nutritionist” so you can get into shape. Now imagine you have no desire in getting in shape right now. Doesn’t feel too great, right? 

Past clients who were gifted my services all had something in common: they were all men who had a strong, honest desire to up their style themselves. Their partners didn’t surprise them with the idea, rather, they were simply helping them find a great stylist for something they already wanted. 

Believe me, I would love your money. And I’m worth every penny! But even with my decades of expertise, I cannot make someone look good who has no desire to change. 

So my recommendation to all those looking to gift my services: please ask your gift receiver if this is something they would be interested in. 

If they say yes, awesome! Have him apply here. 

If they say no, don’t be offended. They’ve saved you money and future frustration. Use the money to book a nice vacation together. I highly recommend Tulum.

Q. Do you style women?

A. I do not! However, my friend Cass does! She’s has a very similar style philosophy as I do and even better taste. She is the only stylist for women that I recommend. So message her and tell her I sent you!

Q. You should stop cursing. It’s really unprofessional.

A. First, that’s not a question. It’s unprofessional to not follow rules and submit a comment in my question box. 

Second, I like working with clients who are cool to hang out with. And the people I hang out with sometimes curse. So consider the few instances of cursing on this site a way of filtering out the wrong clients.

Finally, Superbad has 187 more instances of the word fuck being dropped than this website and it’s a hilarious movie. I highly recommend you spend your free time watching that and not policing people’s language.