6 Workout Looks You Can Wear In (And Out) of The Gym

By: Peter Nguyen
Last Updated: May 28, 2018

When I wrote “The Best (And Most) Stylish Gym Gear For Men” I thought the endless emails requesting some cool gym clothes would stop.

But they didn’t.

You see, I made a mistake of not giving you any outfit ideas, which is like a cookbook telling you what ingredients to buy without offering any recipes.


Lucky for you, I recently had a coffee with my friend Cass, an amazing fellow personal stylist who just happened to work as the buyer for Equinox gym previously.

And I asked her to help me out with a follow-up post.

Today Cass shares her expert knowledge, dropping some amazing recommendations based on her years as a buyer for some of the most luxurious gyms, showing you how to rock them only the way an amazing stylist could.


Peter Says: “My trainer has been getting on my case to get better with my mobility, especially on my non-training days. Years of sleeping wrong has definitely done a number on my body, so I’ve recently taken up Yoga. This one is a special request by me, I asked Cass to give me a look that I personally wouldn’t be embarrassed wearing.”

Cass Says: “Tons of men are getting into yoga to increase their mobility and recovery, or give themselves something a bit lower impact to do on their rest days.”

Vince Double Knit Hoodie ($145) This hoodie is the perfect easy to throw on for going and leaving the gym. It doesn’t scream “Gym” so you can easily incorporate it into your non-gym outfits.

Manduka Knit Pant ($66) Super soft blended fabric which stretches easily. Drawcord to hold you in place and modern tapered style for yoga. This pant will effortlessly move with you as you go from downward dog to child’s pose.

Vuori Strato Tech Tee ($44) This shirt is meant to move! It is made of a super soft stretch jersey that will move with you throughout your practice. It is also designed to wick moisture, dry extremely quickly, and resist odors.

Swell Bottle ($29) These bottles are super lightweight and are designed to hold hot and cold liquids. They’re double walled, which helps prevent any annoying condensation outside the bottle, making it easier to grip and keeps everything else in your bag dry.

Manduka Yoga Mat Prolite Long and Wide ($118) One of the best mats out on the market! This mat is durable, anti-slip, long and wide, great for beginners and perfect for taller men. If you happen to sweat a lot during yoga, be sure to include a yoga towel!

Lululemon T.H.E Sock Silver ($18) This pair of socks is the perfect multi-purpose workout sock you can have! It also has silver in the threads which means it has an anti-stink technology and will keep your feet cool and dry.

(Peter Says: These are my personal favorite gym socks. My favorite part is the different knit directions, which help the sock “hug” your feet for a better fit.)

Nike Lunar Prime Iron II ($80) Even though you’d most likely be doing yoga barefoot, these shoes are a great multi-purpose sneaker to have for whatever workout you decide to do. They’re super lightweight (12oz) to wear and travel with, especially when things get hot thanks to their breathable material. Minimal, and available in a handful of solid colors, these are easy to pair with any outfit.


Peter Says: “When it comes to running, the trickiest thing is keeping it lightweight, comfortable, and cool, especially in long runs, while giving you enough functionality.”

Lululemon Metal Vent 1/2 Zip Pullover ($98) This is one of the best selling items in fitness gear for men because it’s a great layering piece that you can transition through any season. It has tons of cool performance properties — including strategic placement of venting so it filters through sweat, seamless construction (cause seams can sometimes rub you and be irritating) and anti-stink technology. It also is made of Lulu’s exclusive fabric called Silvervecent, which eliminates odor-causing bacteria getting trapped in the garment.

Nike Dry Fit Medalist ($65) This Nike top is the perfect running shirt for so many reasons. It’s super lightweight so doesn’t weigh you down during a run. It also includes an open knit stitching, allowing the right areas to breathe. The raglan sleeve (the diagonal seam) at the shoulders allows more flexibility and movement as swing your arms during your run. Last, it has a ton of strategically placed reflective areas, which is great for running safety in low light.

UA Accelebolt Running Tight ($74) These tights were specifically made for running. The fabric is more on the compression side, so it will hold you in place and improve your blood flow during your run. The leggings have a built-in brief so you can be completely comfortable :). Lastly, you can stash your keys and credit card in the side zip pocket!

(Peter Says: Throw these under your shorts on during colder months for a cool layered look. I prefer layering shorts over tights versus working out in sweats.)

Nike Distance Short 7-inch, Unlined ($40) These are the perfect lightweight running short that you can also wear for other workouts too! The waistband constructed from a soft knit for comfort. It has a zip pocket to keep your valuables in place, and reflective strips to keep you safe as you are running.

Spibelt ($19) If you hate the sometimes awkward placement of pockets on running tights and shorts, this is the perfect running belt for you. Lightweight, it expands so you can easily store iPhone, keys and any other small items.

Apple Airpods ($159) I have to admit, I was skeptical about these headphones. I’m super particular about my workout headphones because, in my opinion, one of the worst things is when you don’t have music or working headphones for your workout. I recently converted over to the Airpods, and I have to say I’m a believer now. I went for a run with them the first day, and they actually stayed in. Also, they will easily pair up with your phone so you can pump yourself up with your music on the way to the gym. These are absolutely worth the price.

(Peter Says: My ears, unfortunately, are one of the few types that aren’t the best match when it comes to Apple’s stock headphone design. If you’re like me, I recommend picking up additional slip on grips to keep them in place. I like these from Earbuddyz, $11)

(Pictured again) Lululemon T.H.E Sock Silver ($18) This pair of socks is the perfect multi-purpose workout sock you can have! It also has silver in the threads which means it has an anti-stink technology and will keep your feet cool and dry.

Nike Free RN Flyknit ($120) One of the lightest shoes within the Flyknit family, coming in at just 8.2oz! Made entirely of knit, it has more stretch yarns and unique directional patterns that hug your feet. This makes the fit secure and comfortable, especially with the sock-like upper. This is a great travel shoe too since it’s super lightweight and is a lot more forgiving if it’s flattened.


Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Tank ($58) Best fitting tank in the market, lightweight tank and wicks sweat so it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a weight vest as you go through your work out! Also has anti-stink properties so you can feel confident as you wear.

(Peter Says: I just picked up a few of these, and I love them. This is coming from a guy who almost never wears tank tops, especially out in public.)

Ten Thousand Foundation Short ($58) This NYC based brand specializes in creating workout gear for whatever form of exercise you decide to do! I love their foundation short that was explicitly designed for strength training. A few things that I love: it has plenty of pockets (3 to be exact, including a zipper pocket), anti-chafe + anti-odor liner, drawcord and fly for secure fit AND you can get it in either a 7-inch or 9-inch length, which makes it an excellent option for taller guys. (For most guys, go with the 7-inch)

Reigning Champ x Adidas Zip Hoodie ($91) A collaboration between Adidas and Canadian based luxe basic men’s brand Reigning Champ, this stylish hoodie is anything but standard. They’ve mixed various performance materials to create an awesome, sophisticated look and is the perfect piece to transition you through the seasons. This hoodie has great ventilation as it’s constructed from performance materials, has underarm vents, and built with raglan sleeves so you can move around easily.

Stance Socks ($16) Stylish, performance socks. They also feature arch support as well as a reinforced heel, and seamless toe. Super breathable, it comes in crew or ankle. Grab a few ankles for general workouts, pick up a crew for deadlift days.

Dsptch Gym/Work Bag ($198) Ditch your usual backpack and opt-in for this in black ballistic for the minimalist stealth look, or camo print for something a bit more unique. This consolidated backpack has a lot of great features for a guy on the go; laptop sleeve, ventilated shoe compartment and the lining is made up of moisture resistant nylon which prevents odors from forming.

Liquid Grip ($8) Get an even better grip of your weight with this fast-drying liquid chalk. No gloves needed. Throw it in your bag and go!

Vyper 2 ($199) Take your foam rolling to the next level with this vibrating foam roller. It features three speeds and allows you to get an even deeper roll. A favorite among celebrity trainers.

(Pictured again) Nike Lunar Prime Iron II ($80) These shoes are a great multi-purpose sneaker to have for whatever workout you decide to do. They’re super lightweight (12oz) to wear and travel with, especially when things get hot thanks to their breathable material. Minimal, and available in a handful of solid colors, these are easy to pair with any outfit.

(Peter Says: For serious lifters, I’m a big fan of Nike’s Metcon, which have a lower drop and harder sole to give you stability for lifting.)


Cass Says: “One common thing that I’ve seen with my clients is that they want to make sure that they are getting the most value from their clothing. They always ask for ideas on different situations and ways to wear a specific piece.

There’s no such thing as separate wardrobes for work, weekends, and travel anymore. They’re all blending into one, and athleisure wear, workout or workout inspired clothes worn casually outside the gym, is at the forefront of this movement.

Athleisure wear is the PERFECT clothing to wear while you travel, not just for a workout.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your workout pieces with other items in your wardrobe to create a slick look while you travel. The obvious best part about this look is the first class comfort you’ll be experiencing, even if you’re flying coach. (Sorry, I had to!)

For this outfit, I pulled pieces from previous workout looks, like the Lulu grey pullover ($98), and threw in a pair of Lulu tapered sweatpants ($118). These easily mix with casual fashion items, like a Mack Weldon white t-shirt ($32) and minimalist pair of Suit Supply white sneakers ($179)

One of my favorite parts of this look is actually the shoe bag! Yes, I said a shoe bag! (Incase, $35)

I’m one of those weirdo’s that don’t like my dirty shoes touching all the other nice stuff in my bag. The various sizes make it super versatile to hold just about anything that you need – from shoes to power cords, to toiletries. And yes, you can even use it to keep dirty laundry (cause I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my dirty laundry spewing all over my clean clothes.)

Also Pictured: Mack Weldon ion Weekender Bag, $148 | N/A Low Cut Color Block Socks, $12


Cass Says: “Don’t limit your workout clothes to just working out. When you pick stylish gym gear, they can serve double duty for times you’re not breaking a sweat.

This is a clean, stylish after workout outfit to transition you into a casual workplace or a lunch meeting. Incorporate pieces that you already were using for the gym (like the hoodie and backpack), so you have less annoying things to carry.

My personal favorite piece is the pants, which are by Bonobos ($168). My clients have tried A LOT of different bottoms from different brands, and I found that this chino is a client favorite. Why? Well because it is made of a technical fabric, giving it a fantastic fit and breathability. You won’t feel stiff or restricted in these – which is ideal if whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or running around for meetings and errands.

Also Pictured: Vince Double Knit Hoodie ($145) | Mack Weldon white t-shirt ($32) | Suit Supply white sneakers ($179) | Dsptch Gym/Work Bag ($198) | N/A Low Cut Color Block Socks, $12


Cass Says: “If you are heading into the office directly from the gym, there are a few things that are important to remember.

  1. It should be appropriate enough for the office or last-minute work meeting, but not feel too forced.
  2. You want clothing that’s packable and lightweight enough, so it doesn’t bulk up and weigh down your gym bag.
  3. You want clothes that won’t be a wrinkly mess once you change into them.

I love this outfit because it covers all those bases. This outfit is perfect for the temperamental spring weather so you can throw on the sweater over the short sleeve button down or wear it on its own! The Canon Short Sleeve from Untuckit ($88) is made of anti-wrinkle linen so you won’t run hot. The sweater (Massimo Dutti Cotton/Silk/Cashmere sweater, $75) and chino (Suit Supply, $149) dress up your look without going full sports coat or suit, and the minimal aesthetic of the Greats sneaker ($179) won’t raise any eyebrows at the office.

Also Pictured: Tie Bar Grey Socks, $8


I’m so excited to get Cass to contribute to The Essential Man.

Cass is one of the few people who’s taste and recommendations I trust. She’s spent 15 years in fashion, and worked as a luxury buyer for places like Equinox, specializing in menswear. Now she’s gone the Peter route and works as a private personal stylist, with clients all around the U.S.

If you love the work that I do, and want more amazing, expert style advice for in and out of the gym, head on over to Next Level Wardrobe and get in touch with Cass.

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