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How to Look Good in 2016

How to Look Good in 2016

First, I hope you had a great holiday and Happy New Year!

At the end of 2015, I relaunched The Essential Man.

It went from a personal blog I wrote while working as a Menswear Designer in New York, to teaching successful guys around the world how to look their best.

One epic guide and a few blog posts later, the response has been better than I ever imagined.

With the start of the New Year, you see two types of people.

  1. Those that LOVE fresh starts and want to be better.
  2. Those that HATE everyone’s overwhelming optimism.

I’ve always loved the chance to start new.

For example, today, I got rid of 50% of my wardrobe. Bagged and donated.

Partially because I’ve collected way too much clothing working in fashion over the last 10 years. Mostly because I, too, can get bored of my wardrobe. I want something new. I want to look better than I ever have.

And that’s what I loved about The Essential Man readers I interact with.

Each e-mail I get where guys share their #1 style problem let’s me know what you want to improve. The Essential Man readers are guys who continually want to be better versions of themselves.

One of the most requested topics for The Essential Man has been building a versatile wardrobe.

Starting this Friday, I’ll be posting a new series, “The Essentials”, to show you the building blocks of an amazing wardrobe. Give you the tools to look good without even trying.

And I’ll be rebuilding my wardrobe right along side you.

Whether you’re completely new and want to discover your style, or want to downsize your current closet and refine your look.

How do you look good in 2016?

I’ll show you how on The Essential Man.

Thanks for being a reader.

– Peter

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