Content Editor (Part-time & remote)

The Essential Man is looking for a whip smart content editer!

So much of our business revolves around the written word: from our blog, newsletters, digital courses, and now video scripts.

Your contribution will reach almost a million readers a year and help change so many lives!

Who are we?

Hey! I’m Peter Nguyen, Private Personal Stylist and founder of The Essential Man.

After spending 11 years as a high-end menswear designer, I started The Essential Man.

We help men learn to look better through our blog, newsletter, online style courses, and 1-on-1 styling service.

We’re becoming the #1 source for style advice for the modern man. Our work has been featured in places like Esquire, WSJ, Vox, USA Today, Quartz, and Vice.

Just in this last year, we…

    • We hit almost 1 million visitors to the website in 2021
    • Newsletter subscribers is growning steady to 20k
    • Our business has grown 80% in 12 months!

Now I want your help to take it even further!

What’s in it for you?

    • You get to write about FUN stuff like men’s fashion, shopping, dating, sex, fancy coktails, and bougie hotels.
    • Learn about marketing and content creation from an independent, profitable company — while you get paid.
    • Work from anywhere! Like your living room or your favorite coffee shops. But not poolside while on vacation. Why are you working on vacation?
    • A paycheck with perks! Like a $100 bonus credit to use on software, education, or gear (Copywriting course? Mechanical keyboard? Calming candle?) to help you be better at your job

The best candidates for this role has:

    • Interest in clothes & fashion This position is open to all genders, but knowledge of men’s style is a plus!
    • A great writer. Did you notice the 5 misspellings in this ad?
    • Have an interest in learning or established skills in copywriting, SEO, and content marketing
    • You have a blog or have blogged in the past
    • Always reliable and punctual. Nobody likes being micromanaged. I love when people get stuff done without a ton of oversight.
    • Fun to be around. You add to the energy in the room.
    • Be able to work part-time without sacraficing too much time on weekends (work/life balance is incredibly important to us). If you have a demanding full-time job, this isn’t the best fit for you.
    • Reliable wi-fi connection and camera for the occasional Zoom editor meeting

What can you expect in this role?

    • Part-time contractor position — starting at 5 hours/week with flexible hours (you can set your own schedule.) Hours may increase as the role grows for the right candidate.
    • Turning my drafts into full edited SEO friendly content, updating/refreshing older posts, editing and scheduling newsletter emails, and creating content upgrades.
    • Repurposing our best performing content for other channels (e.g. turn a blog post into a tweet storm and Instagram post.)
    • Researching and pitching guest posts to relavant sites.
    • Sorting through and organizing reader feedback, questions, and surveys to use for future content.
    • Apps/Services we use to get work done: Google Docs, Google Calendar, Wordpress, Convertkit, and Trello. (Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use all of these yet! We’ll train you.)

Role details:

    • $600/month
    • 5-7 hours a week to start This is an entry-level part time contractor role
    • Work from anywhere! (U.S. residents only. East coast time zone preferred)
    • $100 credit for software, education, or gear to help you become a better editor

To apply

Email the following to

    • Email subject: Content Editor!!!
    • Email body: Your LinkedIn profile URL (ex:


About The Essential Man & our culture

The Essential Man is an independently owned remote operation. We’re just a small team of 2 people (my wife and I!)

Our mission is simple: to help men look really fucking good.We believe that when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, good things happen in your life.

Our articles, guides, courses, and services have helped men complete their weight loss transformation, get jobs, even find love!

We work hard to help our readers and clients. But we work even harder to make sure we have full lives outside of work. We rarely work weekends, and I have a personal policy to never send employees an email after 5:30pm.

As a CEO, my mission is to create a business that I would want to work for. I might be biased, but it’s one of the funnest jobs on the planet! But it’s not the only thing that defines me. That’s a philosophy I want to extend to everyone that works with me.