My Surprising Answer to the question “What’s the Point of Dressing Well?”

My Surprising Answer to the question “What’s the Point of Dressing Well?”

“Nobody wakes up thinking ‘I want to look like shit today.’” I told her.

I was having coffee with a friend Eva at The Highline Hotel.

She was fascinated about what I do, and was curious about how I get guys to care about how they look.

It reminded me of a question I came across my feed on Quora. Someone asked “What’s the point of dressing well?”

Here’s my answer to the question…

There is no point.

There’s no point of dressing well. Or looking good. Ugly clothes can cover your body just as well as a bespoke suit.

There’s also no point of eating food that tastes really good, the tech nerds got you covered with a nutritious goo disturbingly called Soylent.

Cheap made-for-tv movies kill just as much as time as that Summer blockbuster your friends can’t shut up about on Facebook.

But here’s the thing.

Nobody wakes up thinking “I want to look like shit today.”

Nobody looks forward to a pale beige drink when they’re starving.

Nobody writes “I want an average life.” when asked the question “What is your dream?”

When I started The Essential Man a year ago, I focused on improving guy’s style not just because my background in menswear. But because I knew it was a quick way to introduce to guys what it means to strive to be better than average.

Style is a small part of what it means to be an essential man.

What The Essential Man is truly about, is living the best version of your life.

One you thought only existed in the fantasy parts of your mind.

Take a look at this amazing comment a reader posted recently:


This is what I love about Essential Man readers.

You don’t have to be a successful entrepreneur or CEO, you can be a factory worker and strive to be the best version of yourself.

Back to Eva’s question. How do I get guys to care about how they look?

Easy, I don’t get them to care. I find people who already do. The Essential Man is for guys like Glenn who want the best things in life, who want to live the best versions of their lives.

Next week, I’m going to share a 30 minute exercise (mental, not physical) that can be the gamechanger to living the best version of your life.

In the meantime, I want to hear from you.

What does it mean to you to be an Essential Man? Leave a comment below, I’ll read them all. 

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