I've spent the last 15 years helping men look really fucking good

And in those 15 years I’ve developed a strong opinion on what makes true, great style. 

Less but better

Great style isn’t about owning a packed closet full of clothes to give you a million options that you sort of like.

Great style is about a minimal, perfectly curated wardrobe of pieces you LOVE. Clothes that you’ll keep for a long time and won’t fall apart on you after a couple of washes.

We all have that one shirt and leather jacket we always grab because we know it looks great on us. What I love doing for clients is building a wardrobe where every single piece is one you want to grab and wear.

A versatile wardrobe that can handle every dress code

Men today need the “Ethan Hunt of wardrobes”: something badass that could handle almost every situation effortlessly.

Casual on the weekends. Business casual at work. Sharp and professional for those big meetings. Without owning a ton of clothes, and with a unifying, stylish aesthetic.

Timeless styles over constant trends

Clothes are my job, and even I’m exhausted trying to keep track of what’s new and trendy!

There are a time and place for a good trend, but when it comes to a great wardrobe and amazing everyday style, you don’t need to continually try to keep up with what random celebrity is wearing. 

Think trends like special effects: if there’s too much of it in a movie, they’re probably compensating for something.

These are the wardrobe and style principles I follow when working with clients. If this resonates with you, click below to learn more about how we can work together.

I currently work with clients in two ways:


(Note from Peter) As of March 18th 2020, I've put on pause on booking in-person clients due to Covid-19. However, you can still apply for my virtual styling services below (or to the right, take your pick!)


Can't make it to New York? Not a problem. I’ve worked with dozens of men around the world - as close as Florida and California, to as a far as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Australia - helping them discover and transform their style. Click to learn more about my virtual styling service.


Don’t live in NYC but visit often for work? First time visiting NYC? This weekend package includes the full 1-on-1 personal styling experience my NYC clients get, along with an itinerary of NYC experiences customized especially for you.


Getting married and don’t want your wedding photos to age poorly? Closing some serious Series A funding and don’t want to look like an amateur? Need a style makeover (and photos!) for your online dating profile? I can help you with that!

Feel free to contact me directly at peter@theessentialman.com if you need help deciding which option is best for you.