“Working with Peter is like a shortcut to great style." - J.D., Boston, MA

I know what you’re thinking.

“What kind of person who isn’t a celebrity hires a Personal Stylist?”

I’ll let you in on a secret: most celebrities don’t really have a personal stylist like me. 

Sure, they might have someone helping pick an obnoxiously loud tux for that big-budget movie premiere, but when it comes to day to day style, most of them, frankly, look like shit.

Here’s the deal…

I'm not a celebrity stylist.
I help real men look good when it matters: every single day.

Men who’ve finally got that senior position.

Lost a game-changing 50+ pounds.

Hell, I’ve worked with a couple of guys who’ve left a draining marriage and are ready to date again!

My past clients all reached a new milestone in their lives and wanted a new look and attitude to match.

I’d bet good money you’ve never worked with a Private Personal Stylist before. And that’s totally normal!

Nearly all of my clients haven’t!

That’s why I developed a four-phase transformation process to help you easily finally find a style that you love, without needing to learn any complicated style rules or spend months digging through stores.

Here’s a little sneak peek at what you can expect when we work together:

Phase 1: Body type & lifestyle analysis

We'll start with a deep dive into your body type and lifestyle.

I'll quiz you about your lifestyle and taste using a proprietary questionnaire I've developed over the last 5-years. Using what I learn about your job, to your go-to cocktail, even to what's on constant rotation in your Spotify, you'll get your very own "Essential Style Report."

In it, you'll discover how clothes should actually fit your body type, along with the exact styles, colors, and fabrics that work best for you.

Phase 2: Style Development & Wardrobe Shopping

From the analysis in Phase 1, I'll assemble a new style, wardrobe, and shopping gameplan for us.

The most important part about your new wardrobe is that it not only makes sense for your lifestyle but also still feels like you. (Just a cooler, sharper, much better-looking version. 😉)

I'll identify brands and shops that fit with your new style and body type. You'll know exactly where to shop if you need to pop in for something on your own.

Before our scheduled 1-on-1 shopping session, I'll do some pre-work, setting aside items for your new wardrobe in a private dressing room at each store. With everything ready to go, all you have to do is show up and try on your new looks!

Phase 3: Personalized Grooming Routine (and more)

We'll fine-tune things with the help of a few Masters from my Personal Style Council.

Guys like my personal barber (and go-to for men like Jake Gyllenhaal and Anthony Kiedis). We'll cut and consult you on what the best hairstyle and grooming routine is for your age and face shape.

Other Masters in my Rolodex we can tap into include luxury watch dealers, cologne specialists, and in-house tailors. Think of me as your Personal Style Concierge — anything you're looking to upgrade, I got a guy for that.

Phase 4: Outfit Ideas (& Ongoing Style Support)

I'll show you how to put it all together in our last phase.

We'll discuss situations you often find yourself in - from office work to client meetings, to date nights. I'll create outfits for you using exact pieces that we picked up together and compile them in a digital "Outfit Book" you can access anywhere, anytime. You'll never need to figure out what to wear.

And of course, you have access to me for the season via e-mail and Whatsapp. Whether you're looking for a new jacket for spring, or need help packing for a family vacation, I promise to respond with an answer within 24-hours.

If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for, the next step is to see which package makes sense for you. 

Whether you live in NYC, visit often for travel, or are looking for some remote styling online, I can work with you. 

Click below to learn how my different styling packages.