Part 2! The Essential Man’s 100 Best (& Most Stylish) Things Right Now

Every day I get an email, text, DM from clients and readers just like you asking me for recommendations on everything from suits for work, to workout shoes, to even pens and condoms. After 3 years of this site, dozens of private clients around the world, with feedback from thousands of daily readers, I decided to compile a list of 100 of the best (and most stylish!) things right now! Here's Part 2!

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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Sex Game (NSFW!)

Today's post comes from my Friday Round-Up email, an email I only send to my newsletter subscribers every Friday where I share things I discover, I'm into, or am trying out.  This NSFW edition not only proved to be the most popular Friday Round-Up email I've sent so far, it's the most opened, clicked, shopped email I've sent, EVER.  From the best lubes, how to flirt, and one game-changing bedroom addition you can find at every drugstore, here are 5 ways to upgrade your sex game!

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