My 3 WFH Wardrobe Essentials

My 3 WFH Wardrobe Essentials

On a recent Instagram live Q&A, I shared some of my working from home wardrobe essentials. 

In case you missed it, I’m sharing them here, along with a few alternatives!

Heads up! I got a lot of DMs since that live Q&A asking for my picks for shirts and other WFH essentials. I rounded 7 more of my personal picks in a bonus guide. Click below to get it (It’s completely complimentary!)

Ok, on to the recommendations!

WFH House Jacket - French Chore Coat

WFH Essential #1: The House Jacket

The house jacket sounds like an odd concept. Think of it as a short robe — it saves you some money on heating bills and gives you access to some convenient pockets.

My house jacket of choice is a French chore jacket (also called a work jacket.) I prefer it over something like a hoodie or cardigan because it has a bit more structure.

Why I love it:

  • The large signature patch pockets are easy to access and are perfect for holding my phone, notebook, or remote controls.
  • Because it has more structure than a knit like a hoodie or cardigan, it doesn’t droop when the pockets are filled.
  • Chore jackets usually have a relaxed fit, as they were traditionally worn over your regular clothes. This makes them really comfortable to wear and doesn’t feel as restricting as a blazer.
  • It makes me look professional if I need to jump on a video call.

Which brands to buy:

  • The one I wear: is by ACNE studios and is an excellent year-round weight cotton twill. ($380)
  • Great alternatives: The original manufacturer of the French work jacket, Vetra ($167), still makes them to this day. Brands like Drakes ($535) make great high-quality alternatives.
  • For entry-level: J.Crew ($168) and Uniqlo ($69) have lightweight options.

What color to get: Light blue is the traditional French color. I like one in a darker navy, which is super versatile. For something more casual, you can pick up an olive green one.

WFH Work Pants with stretch

WFH Essential #2: Work pants with a hint of stretch

I have a confession: I’m not the biggest fan of sweatpants. They shift too much for me, and I find them uncomfortable, even at bedtime. (Which is why I usually sleep in my boxers.)

Like with my jackets, I prefer something with a bit more structure.

While I do think wearing wool dress trousers is a bit overkill when working from home, there’s a good middle ground.

Casual cotton pants – like chinos or jeans – with a hint of stretch.

Why I love it:

  • The psychological boost. I don’t feel underdressed, which puts me in “work mode.”
  • I don’t feel bummy when I throw on a coat to go outside for essentials.

Which brands to buy:

  • The ones I wear: For the past year, I’ve been rotating between two – The Weekday Warrior pants ($98) and soft 5-pocket Italian pants ($148), both by Bonobos.

    As far as alternatives, I honestly love the Bonobos ones so much that I don’t have any others to recommend. But if you can’t order Bonobos where you live, look for any casual type pants with 1-3% of added stretch like elastane or lycra.

What colors to get: Focus on core (neutral) colors like gray, khaki, olive, and black, as they’ll be the most versatile.

WFH Slippers for men

WFH Essential #3: Proper Cozy House Slippers

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m late to the house slipper game, having only picked up my first pair last winter. 

Why I love it: 

  • They keep your feet warm.
  • Protect you from the pain of stepping on sharp crumbs, wood splinters, and the deadliest of all – Lego pieces.

Which brands to buy:

  • The ones I wear: are by Acorn and have over 1,600 positive reviews on Amazon. They have warm wool uppers and solid rubber grip soles. The best part is its $30 price tag.
  • Great Alternatives: If you’re looking for something premium, my clients absolutely love the Ugg Kenton slipper ($99). The signature sheepskin is light, soft, and ultra-comfortable. The insulated wool lining omits the need for socks. At the same time, the rubber sole gives you enough grip, so you’re not sliding around your apartment.

What colors to get: Go wild!

Want more? Download my complimentary “10 WFH Wardrobe Essentials” Guide

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I rounded 7 more of my personal WFH essentials in a bonus guide (I even included a recipe for my go-to coffee drink.) All you need to do is tell me where to send it, and it’s yours.

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