What to Wear to a Wedding This Summer

By: Peter Nguyen
Last Updated: June 12, 2018

Today’s question come from Stephane:

“I’m attending 2 weddings this summer (Greek island and French Provence), what would you recommend for an appropriate outfit?

Dress code most likely won’t be very strict, would be great to have these pieces versatile enough to be worn at other times, so was thinking linen suit and brown shoes.

Specifics would be awesome, but would totally appreciate simple guidance here.”

Ah, the age-old question of “What the hell do I wear to a wedding” is made even more confusing by throwing it in the middle of summer.

Luckily the dress code sounds pretty lax, which means you can pick up a suit that’s a bit more versatile than your classic tux!

Here’s some tips.


There’s something just not right about a dark navy suit on the shores of a Greek island. Use this opportunity to celebrate the season and opt for lighter shades for your outfit.

A light tan or sky blue is a perfect choice, and a bit more interesting than light grey.

All three choices are versatile enough for you to wear once the weddings are over.


You have several options for summertime suiting fabrics. From breathable cotton to seersucker, and even tropical weight wools.

All are good options, but I tend to prefer the most classic of options is linen, which will have a stiff, slightly wrinkled and relaxed look.

I also like blended linens, like linen-silks, which makes the drape more elegant while retaining the lightness for hot weather.


Finally, when possible, make sure your suit is unlined. This will relax the structure of the suit but make it a lot more breathable and bearable, especially in humid weather.

Not all suits will be available unlined, but at the very least look for partially lined suits if you want to avoid being marinated in your own sweat at the end of the day.

Should the suit come fully lined, don’t fret. As long as you make sure the fabric of the suit itself is Summer appropriate you should be fine.

Let’s put them all together.


Look 1: Cool Blue

For both options, we want to go for a full suit. While you said the dress code isn’t strict, you also didn’t specify if it was any type of casual, so we’re going to err on the dressier side. Go with a full suit in a summer weight fabric (like this Suit Supply silk, wool, linen blend) in a refreshing sky blue.

Lose the tie to relax your look, but keep the formal shirt to stay classy. While a classic brown loafer would work well here, let’s soften up the look even more and go for a nice light brown suede.

Polish it off with my favorite summer scent – Hermes Terre D’Hermes, a crisp cologne that smells like you just peeled a fresh orange in the summer sun.

Look 1 Cool Blue Items: Suit Supply Havana Silk Linen Wool Suit, $599 | Suit Supply White Plain Shirt, $99 | Suit Supply Light Brown Suede Tassel Loafers, $249Suit Supply Silk White Pocket Square, $49 | Falke Invisible Anti-Slip Socks, $18Warby Parker Hartley Sunglasses, $95 | Hermes Terre D’Hermes Cologne, $41

Look 1: Casual Cool

How’s this for versatility? You could easily throw a t-shirt underneath this suit and call it a day. I personally really love polos instead. They’re the best of both worlds – easy and casual like a t-shirt, but collared to signal you’re trying a bit harder.

Swap out the loafers for something just as easy, like this white slip-on sneakers, and don’t forget the athletic invisible socks and braided belt.

Look 1 Casual Cool Items: Suit Supply Havana Silk Linen Wool Suit, $599 | Bonobos Jacquard Stripe Polo, $88 | Greats The Wooster White Slip-on Sneaker, $169Suit Supply Silk White Pocket Square, $49 | Falke Cool Kick No-Show Socks, $25 | Warby Parker Hartley Sunglasses, $95 | Bonobos Woven Belt, $78Hermes Terre D’Hermes Cologne, $41

Look 2: Summer Tan

Tan can sometimes be a tricky choice for guys. The key is to have enough elements to give you some contrast. We’re sticking with the same crisp white shirt from Look 1, but bump up the contrast by adding a chambray blue tie and blue striped pocket square.

While the low top sneakers in the inspiration image is pretty chill, let’s make this look wedding appropriate and go for some chocolate brown oxfords.

Look 2 Summer Tan Items: Suit Supply Jort Khaki Suit, $688Suit Supply White Plain Shirt, $99 | Bonobos Cotton Chambray Tie, $68 | Suit Supply Blue Pocket Square, $49 | Falke Invisible Anti-Slip Socks, $18 | Thursday Boots Executive Shoes, $180 | Warby Parker Hartley Sunglasses, $95 | Tom Ford Oud Minerale Cologne, $230

Look 2: Sandy Blue

Sticking with the same strategy, let’s bump up some more contrast with a chambray shirt so the tan jacket doesn’t wash you out. We break up the suit and swap in some white chinos (white jeans would work too).

The rest of the outfit is almost the same, just make sure you use a cotton pocket square in this look (silk is just too fancy for something this causal), and add a matching chocolate brown leather belt.

Look 2 Casual Items: Suit Supply Jort Khaki Suit, $688 | Bonobos Unbutton Down Chambray Shirt, $88 | Bonobos White Summer Weight Chinos, $98 |Suit Supply White Cotton Pocket Square, $29 | Falke Invisible Anti-Slip Socks, $18 | Bonobos Leather Jeans Belt in Brown, $88Thursday Boots Executive Shoes, $180 | Warby Parker Hartley Sunglasses, $95 | Tom Ford Oud Minerale Cologne, $230


First, let me know which look you like the best!

Then leave your style question below in the comments. It may turn into the next blog post!

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